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Secure Business Services Hosting

Secure Web Hosting

Let's face it. There are thousands of cheap web hosting companies out there. They keep their costs down by hosting thousands of websites on the same server, and they rely on the fact that 99% of websites have no real traffic. Most of these companies also work by getting a payment for 12 or 24 months up front, so if you do decide to switch to someone else they've still got your money.

But as always you get what you pay for. What you gain by saving money you lose on reliability and security. For the average personal website this is an acceptable tradeoff. But for a business you need to be a lot more careful.

Secure Web Hosting I'm not interested in competing on that "mass production" level. For my own business I've had to develop a very secure network, and I've had to build servers that run high volume e-commerce websites. If my equipment is down I'm not making money. My stuff works. It is as simple as that.

So what I can offer you is different. I can give you the same level of security and reliability that I have for my own business, and I'll personalize the solution to meet your exact requirements and not just give you a cookie-cutter product.

If you need security and reliability for your business, I can put together a package that will interest you.