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Custom Equipment

Past Projects

Here are some of the electronic design projects that I have worked on through my own company over the years. For a more complete list refer to my resume.


GPS Track Monitor

I designed and built a GPS Track Monitor as an auxiliary piece of equipment flown in a helicopter operated by New Zealand's Department of Survey and Land Information (DOSLI). This gave the pilot track guidance allowing him to fly specific survey tracks.
AS350 Helicopter with GPS Track Monitor


STE Cards (ANSI/IEEE 1000)

STE Cards (ANSI/IEEE 1000) Designed a number of STE cards conforming to ANSI/IEEE 1000 specifications. STE is a eurocard standard, the little brother of VME. They are ideal for harsh environments such as industrial control, aviation and marine applications.

These cards included a 64 bit GPIO card, a LED indicator card, a Z80 based microprocessor card, and a system controller card.


Alarm Controllers

Designed a microprocessor based alarm controller containing:
  • 20 opto-isolated inputs

  • 6 relay outputs

  • LCD with backlighting

  • keypad and piezo

  • serial communications

  • power supply with battery backup

Alarm Controller PCB
Alarm Controller PCB


Business Data Exchange (BDX)

This was a complex data exchange system that spooled and routed data going to printers. A fully loaded system contained a total of 9 Z80 microprocessors working in parallel.


Data Protocol Converter

A simple microprocessor based unit with one bidirectional parallel and two serial ports. It was used to make changes to data streams going to printers.