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Real-Time and Embedded Systems

Embedded Single Board Computer SBC Real-Time Systems refer to computer systems that must perform specific tasks on time, rather than running in batch mode. An example would be a PBX processing phone calls, or a computer performing real-time stock trades thousands of times per second.

Embedded Systems are computers that get built into something like a car or an aircraft navigation system. Often this type of software is referred to as firmware because it lies somewhere between the normal definitions of software and hardware.

Often these two areas overlap.

Real-time and embedded systems require specialist programming techniques such as interrupt service routines, multithreading and multitasking. And sometimes the code is so critical that it must be written in assembler rather than a high level language such as Java or C++.

Fortunately I have had a lot of experience in these areas over the years, not only building the physical equipment but writing the firmware that makes it all work.