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Custom Equipment

Digital and Analog Circuit Design

Depending on the application there will usually be a mix of analog and digital circuitry around a microprocessor based subsystem.

I have many years of experience in the design of digital electronics and microprocessor based systems. My analog design experience is limited more to low frequency systems, rather than RF or microwave.

My specific design experience includes:
  • Intel and Zilog Microprocessors and support ICs
  • Altera Programmable Logic Devices
  • all TTL and CMOS device families
  • serial and parallel communications
  • memory arrays
  • displays: CRTs, LCDs, LED and fluorescent display types
  • keypads and keyboards
  • analog interface circuits: A/D, D/A, amplifiers, filters, comparators, opto-isolators, current loops etc.
  • output drive stages
  • power supplies
Schematic Diagram