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Network Security

Network Security

Big or small, any business will fail if it doesn't secure the data that it runs on.

On a personal level most of us have experienced the trauma of losing a cellphone and all of our contacts, or having our PCs infected with a virus. But for a business data loss, corruption, or theft is a disaster that can completely cripple the company.

Network Security We all run anti-virus software, but there is one major flaw with this approach. Even if the software finds the virus (and many programs don't), it can only remove it AFTER if has infected the computer and has been there for a while. The virus may be there ... happily doing its thing ... for hours, or even days!

Wouldn't it be better to intercept the virus BEFORE it even got to your computer?

And viruses are only one part of a wider set of threats that we all face. We also face hackers, and full scale cyber-terrorism.

So why are people doing these things?

Firstly you have to realize that the internet has opened you up to EVERYONE in the world who has access to a computer. It works both ways. You can connect to almost anything you want anywhere in the world, but everyone else in the world can potentially connect to you.

The motivation for some groups is simply money. They can hijack your computers, steal information such as credit card numbers, people's personal information etc. and sell it to other criminal groups.

The motivation for others is terrorism. Their motive is to disrupt the Christian and western way of life.

So you don't think this threat applies to you?

Neither did I ... until a few years ago. I'm just a small one man company. Why on earth would anyone bother to target me? But I was. My servers were targeted by a group of hackers based in Indonesia. They worked around the clock hacking into my systems. I was fighting hard to keep everything running, and I was getting only one hour of sleep each night. Finally I was able to put the equipment in place to block them.

At around the same time a friend of mine who ran a small company that employed 60 people was hacked by a group based in China. His company was one of many US companies that were attacked in retaliation for the US spy plane incident.

National Infrastructure Protection Center NIPC And what government agency did these cyber attacks get reported to? The National Infrastructure Protection Center. Think about it ... the name says it all.

Not only do these groups go after power stations, air traffic control systems, and government agencies, but they also go after small businesses. After all we're soft targets, and if they cause us to fail then they've succeeded in disrupting our way of life.

I've had my wake-up call. But don't worry. There are things that can be done. I can install equipment on your network that will protect you from all of these threats. Or if that isn't the right solution for you, I can host parts of your business operation on my own servers, behind my own firewalls.


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